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Happy Holidays and Goodbye Australia!

The holidays are almost here!

We are all decorated and excited for the season. Sandy Mai is still offering facials at 25% off for the holidays- treat yourself or treat someone to a relaxing visit as a gift!

I also want to remind you to book early if you need to get in on a specific date or time as times fill up quickly. We want to get you in at the most convenient time we can but pre-planning always helps!

With all the excitement of the season, we have to mix in some sad news. Our stylist of 2 years, Australia, will be leaving us soon. She is leaving behind the hair business for a new career path.

I know many of you will be sad to see her go! We are so excited for her in this new path her life is taking and we have had such a great time getting to know her over the last couple of years and seeing her grow in her skills. Australia's last day will be December 10th. We will send with all of our best wishes!

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