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5 Pinterest Boards to help you remember what spring should be like!

I thought, with the snow falling sideways outside, I could share some more springy inspired images to help us all try to pretend the tulips actually had a chance to pop up! Let's pretend we are wearing open toed shoes with fresh pedicures and light jackets.

Put on your imagination cap and visualize spring with these happy spring vibes...

What better way to think spring than having flowers literally at your fingertips? This board is full of vibrant floral manicures, perfect for bringing spring into your day.

floral manicure

Pastel hair colors are a great way to bring some soft springy beauty to your life. Depending on your job, these colors might be a bit too artificial, but they're a great way to add some fun subtle color without blinding the people around you. Anywhere from soft pinks, oranges, and denim shades- pastel hair is going to be a persistent, feminine trend.

Once Minnesota weather starts to cooperate we'll have a chance to incorporate some warm vibes into our warddobe! I can't wait to put away my snowboots and winter coat for a few months. Check out this board from some warm weather clothing ideas!

There's something about flowers that bring a freshness and a sweetness to the air. With floral shoes, it's aaaaaaalmost like you're walking around on a bed of flowers!

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