Hair Extensions & Braids

Sew-In Extensions

Also called a weave. This service includes a wash, blowdry, braids, sew-in, cut, and a simple style. We do not include hair in the price-feel free to bring in your own hair, otherwise we can arrange to order hair for you through our preferred supplier (please book appointments early as it takes time for the hair to ship to us). Since this service takes several hours, we recommend booking in advance.


Crochet Braids

Another great protective style to maintain your hair while rocking some fun hair on top! Generally it's more common to use fuller natural looking textures but you can chat with your stylist on options to get the look you want!


Braid Styles

Pricing depends on the complexity of the style desired and the condition and length of your hair. Chat with a braider to book your appointment!


Twists or Locs

Includes Havana, Marley, or Kinky Twists (medium or large), and Faux or Goddess Locs! We do not provide the hair for these services but we'd love to help provide a recommendation! Since these services take several hours, it's best to schedule in advance.


Box Braids

This is a great protective style with iconic box or square shaped parts/dividers for the braids. This style generally includes added hair for length and thickness. Chat with one of our braiders for more details, and as this is a long service it's best to book in advance!


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