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5 Tips to Care for Colored Hair

Coloring your hair adds new life to your looks but not necessarily new life to your locks. Coloring, especially with bleaching, can damage your hair severely. Post color care can help preserve the health of your hair and extend the life of your color.

Here are 6 tips from our stylist, Australia, to try next time you color!

1. Hydrate Your Hair

Colored hair is dryer hair, especially in cold winter months. Here are some of our recommended products to run through your strands (and scalp as needed):

KeraCare Essential Oil (4oz for $11.67 on Amazon)

KeraCare Overnight Moisture Treatment (4oz for $11.39 on Amazon)

2. Get Your Ends Trimmed

Coloring hair can cause damage. Regularly trimming the ends can prevent breakage and split ends from getting worse. Plus- your locks look fresher without dry frizzled ends! Bonus!

3. Sleep On Silk

Sleeping can really wreak havoc on your hair- help prevent further breakage by sleeping on something silk. This can be a silk pillowcase or even a silk scarf.

4. Stay Cool

Preserve your color in shower by enduring cooler water temperatures.

5. Avoid Swimming (and Chlorine!)

Chlorine is added to swimming pools as a disinfectant, which is great to keep pools sanitary. However, this cleaning power extends to your hair and can strip you of your natural oils leading to further drying.

Try several or all these tips after your next color appointment for healthier, longer lasting, colored hair!

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