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If Your Hair is Relaxed- Don't Do This!

Getting a chemical relaxer on a tight curl pattern can make straightening your hair easier and open the door to some new styles you might not have been able to achieve before.

However, getting your hair relaxed is a CHEMICAL treatment. To get technical, chemical relaxers are applied to the hair which causes the cuticle to swell. Once the cuticle is open, the chemical is able to penetrate into the hair.

The chemical breaks sulphate bonds in the hair, replacing one atom of sulphar bond and replaces it with a new one: lanthionine. Once the original bond is broke, the hair loses its natural shape and resistance and becomes straight.

When you use chemicals to make curly hair straight, you don't just change the natural pattern of the hair you actually destroy the hair's strength and elasticity.

What is my roundabout moral of this story? Simply this:


Permanent colors damage the hair further. This, combined with the damage already caused by relaxing can cause major breakage in your hair.

A semi-permanent or a rinse is your best friend if you want to color your hair and continue getting it relaxed.

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