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Thinking About Going Blonde for Spring?

Despite the fact we keep seeing sleet, and rain, and SNOW, spring really is almost here. The ladies here at Get Gorgeous are itching for the warm weather and our clients seem to be too! Lately, we've been seeing lots of requests for colors and short cuts with warmer weather in mind.

If you've been thinking of lightening up your locks for spring and summer, please keep in mind that lightening hair damages hair. Going from black to a bright blonde might not be possible in one appointment without some serious consultation with your stylist.

Some products, like Olaplex, (yes, we do carry Olaplex!) protect hair from color processes but is an additional charge on top of your regular color service.

Blonde hair can be cute. Damaged hair is not.

Shades of golds can be a great compromise to bring some sunshine to your locks without going the full distance with bleach. And don't forget: the sun will lighten your hair even more all on its own! Even adding some highlights or an ombre or balayage (see this article for the difference between an ombre and balayage) can bring your style from deep winter to a bright and fun spring style without coloring your whole head.

I've put together some of our favorite gold hair looks on our Pinterest. Check them out!

I hope this has helped with some of your questions if you've been thinking about going lighter for spring. Comment below if you have questions!

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