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When Prince Passed

Here at Get Gorgeous, we are still in shock over Prince's death.

I saw the news pop up when I went to update our Facebook page for the weekend. Disbelieving, I kept scrolling down my feed and came across another post filled with crying emoticons.

Expecting it to be another internet hoax, I skimmed through several articles before I saw a confirmation by Prince's publicist. A headline by reputable, Star Tribune, also confirmed the tragedy: "Prince dead at 57: Legendary musician found at Paisley Park"

I waved Ilka (Get Gorgeous's owner) over to the desk.

"Prince just died"


"Prince. He's dead."

"What? Who?!"

"I just saw the article. Prince? You know-Prince. He died."

"Oh my God."

Ilka spread the word to the rest of the team and to their clients. To say everyone was shocked is an understatement.

It felt like history in the making.

I answered the phone a few minutes later-it was our client's daughter with the news. Another client had her laptop open and the news report playing. The voices of subdued news reporters discussing the 57 year old legend rose above the background music of 90's pop.

As a Minnesotan, it seems like our pride in Prince being a fellow native of the North Star State is inherent. I remember a client telling the story of her purple pant suit at the most recent Fashion Exchange Party- an outfit she bought specifically for and worn only for a Prince concert. I know we will hear many stories of Prince over the coming weeks as his fans make their way in and out of the stylists' chairs.

Posts on Instagram and Facebook of the piles of flowers, and purple clad mourners outside of First Ave really drives home a hard fact: we have witnessed the passing of a true Minnesota legend.


Prince Rogers Nelson

June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016

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