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Why we don't do Microbraids

Every once in awhile we get a request to do microbraids. While we do have several braiders as part of our team, this is one service that we just don't offer.

Why is that, you ask?

Microbraids, like the name implies, are small. Super small. They take a LONG time. Even for stylists that braid all day/every day the appointment still lasts 8-9 hours.

We have very talented braiders here but they focus more on perfection in the design and consistency in the braid size. If they were to continue that same level of perfection to microbraids the appointment would take 2 days!

We also have the matter of being a multi-service and multi-cultural salon to think about. Our braiders are also stylists, booking appointments for colors, haircuts, relaxers, and styles.

Filling up a whole day's worth of appointments for one client means we would need to price accordingly. And that simply isn't cost effective for clients who can find shops that specialize in microbraids that charge $150.

That being said, we would love to help you with: a fun braiding style, or natural style, or relaxed style, or a new color, highlights, perm, rollerset, haircut, manicure, pedicure, makeup, or sew-in.

We might not be able to do microbraids quick but we offer a lot to make up for it ;)

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