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Time to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is only a few days away! That feels almost impossible as I look out our front window at rain and green grass. Nevertheless, the holidays are rushing towards us whether we are prepared or not.

At this busy busy time of year, Thanksgiving is a gem of a holiday tucked in between highly commercialized and consumer-centric activities. This Thursday, we are encouraged to sit down with our loved ones, enjoy a meal, enjoy their company, and to look back at the year with an attitude of gratitude.

This has been a tough year for a lot of people. We've lost a talented Minnesotan icon with the death of Prince this spring. We faced the turmoil and stress of an election year. Controversy, racial tension, and international conflicts , have all pockmarked the smooth face of 2016.

But despite all these big issues, and personal difficulties at home, wok, or with relationships, we made it through. There is little over a month left of 2016 and we've enjoyed a rare extended fall season of beautiful weather.

Here at Get Gorgeous, we went through some overhaul with staff and revamping our image and customer service to try to serve you better. There have been long hours. Trips down into our creepy basement to organize. Misunderstandings. Slow times. Overwhelming times.

Overall though, I know I speak on behalf of our whole team that we feel blessed. Long hours helped us serve more clients at the times that were convenient. Trips to the creepy basement let us reorganized and refocus. Misunderstandings led to changes to improve communication and customer service. Slow times gave us a chance to study and grow. Overwhelming times showed us how much we've grown and proved how much we can handle.

Salons are only as good as the clients that come through the door and we are staggered by the amazing people that have chosen to trust us with their hair and skin. We are truly grateful for each and every client. Many of you have become friends over the years and that makes work a place we can look forward to being day after day.

We love you all and hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

If you're looking to get a style in before Thursday, we will be open (by appointment only) on Tuesday the 22nd.

Call to book at 651-291-8997!

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