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Summer Updates at Get Gorgeous

We know it's hard to believe, but summer will be over before you know it! We are less than a month out from kids being in school full time, and leaves changing under that perfect crisp September night air.

prom hairstyle

We've been rocking and rolling here at Get Gorgeous. Summer can be a busy time for us, as the warm weather is a great time to care for your hair and try some new looks. Hair maintenance is also a must with hot sun, humidity, and water (whether in the form of sweat, or mixed with chlorine from trips to the pool) wreaking havoc on your locks! Check out our post on summertime hair care for some great tips!

Some weekends have been especially hard to book with us. We know and apologize that our availability gets eaten up so quickly. There's a few reasons for that:

First, as I mentioned, summer is a busy time! We've got our new restaurant neighbors nearby (sup, J Selby's and Tori Ramen!) which means more foot traffic, and more new clients walking through the door. Which is super awesome to see meet new people!

Secondly, we are down to two stylists and a braider at the moment. Some of you have already seen or heard that Nakea had to step back from Get Gorgeous. We wish her the best of luck- sometimes life just gets in the way and we absolutely support her priorities at this time. She will still be doing hair, just not at Get Gorgeous.

However, between the new clients and only two stylists with part time help for braids, we only have so many hours in the day to serve clients. Our focus will remain on customer service and quality hair care. If it's possibly and appropriate we are able to sneak in an extra client here or there but we want to be sure when you make an appointment, that we value your time. If that means turning away some clients, we will regretfully do so. So we want to thank everyone who has tried to get in, have patiently checked in, and returned calls, and have been able to be flexible and understanding!

We have been on the hunt for at least two more awesome stylists to join our team. We will be excited to share when we find our new teammates! Keep your fingers crossed for us, and if you know someone looking for a salon home, send them our way! We have a job posting with more information if you'd like to see if they'd be a great fit!

Speaking of team members! One more update...

We've had a new receptionist helping Amber out on the weekends. However, she has recently accepted an internship! So good luck, Nimati, with your future endeavors!

I think that wraps up all the recent updates for Get Gorgeous! We will soon be transitioning and working on our social media a little more intensely, so look forward to more thoughtful content and better photos of the gorgeous work our stylists do! We can't wait to get to the next level and so happy to have you along for the ride!

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