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Tips for Summer Hair Care

We are right in the middle of summer! It's that beautiful time of year when you can wear shorts, leave the house without piling on a sweater, coat, and hat, and can enjoy all the lovely outdoor spaces Minnesota offers in spades.

Summer also, unfortunately, means damaged hair. Heat, sun, humidity, chlorine, all cause havoc with the health of your locks. Keeping your hair hydrated is key to preserving it's health, it's shine, and preventing frizz.

We've gathered up some summer hair care tips to help you get through the next couple weeks of sun and fun. Check them out and feel free to share these tips!

1. Try skipping the shampoo. If you wash your hair several times a week, leave out the shampoo occasionally. Over shampooing can dry your hair but it's hard to over condition. The ends are usually driest so concentrate moisturizers there as opposed to the roots.

2. Block the sun. When you can, try to keep direct sunlight off your hair. Wearing a hat or a scarf, applying a leave in conditioner or leave-in sprays with UV protection will all help preserve your hair and especially your color from the sun.

3. Be Gentle. Damaged hair just accelerates the drying process. Try not to brush your hair when it's wet, use a wide tooth comb to gently ease out tangles.

4. Take it easy on the heat styling. Summer is the time ease up on your styling with easy to maintain braids or curls. If you do use heat, be sure to add a heat protecting spray before you flat-iron.

5. Stay trimmed. Regular trims prevent breakage and bad split ends which not only keeps your hair looking healthier, but helps avoid the frizzy look, and damage won't have a change to spread higher up the hair strand. That way, you won't lose so much length by trimming just the ends instead of higher up where the damage has spread.

We're here to help you Get Gorgeous but these tips will help keep your hair fab and healthy in-between visits to your stylist!

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